46 hours in a bus from Concepcón, the day after I flew to Chile from Miami, and i made it to Punta Arenas, and the Magellan Strait.  the scenery was worth the trip, and las Torres humbled me as they should.  pictured after Torres, are the grand Moreno Glacier (Arg), Los Glaciares National Park (Arg), and the Upper Rio Menso Valley, Bariloche (Arg).
Patagonia speaks for itself, take a look.
Torres del Paine, los Glaciares
From the double-decker, semi-cama bus
My pack at the entrance to path to the Towers
Torres del Paine
You see what I saw
Great day but very windy, and the water is cold
Cross the river on the way to Cuernos
Rainbows were constant on the 7 day walk
Los Cuernos, the horns of the Park
Los Cuernos
Los Cuernos over my Do-Ite tent
The lake and Glacier Grey in the back
Water’s edge
On the water’s Edge
Close up
Glacier Grey
See a person in the foreground
Walk down to the glacier
So Blue
On the way up to the pass
Immense Glacier
Pass Marker
Moreno Glacier, Argentina/Chile border
15 Km long, 8 Km Wide
70 Meters High
Once bombed by Argentina
Signs of Age
See the boat for scale
Parque National Los Glaciares
Los Cerros
Los Cerros
Reflection of Los Cerros
Tyrolean Traverse
Ice Climbing
Everyone loves us, bathroom door, ARG
Against the wall is not where you want to be
Where is the Paddle?